What is linkedFA?

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linkedFA is the first and only social networking site designed specifically for financial advisors to communicate with their investors. The linkedFA social media website features best of breed social networking tools that maximize financial advisors’ communication and engagement with their investors while assisting financial advisors in meeting FINRA compliance requirements. linkedFA was created for all financial professionals including, but not limited to, registered representatives with The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the SEC, all insurance advisors, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

By using linkedFA, financial advisors will do more business; win more investors and separate business social networking from personal; thereby enhancing their professionalism in the eyes of investors and prospects. Investors will have constant access to their financial advisors providing the investor a greater deal of comfort and control, while providing access to more information and data on their investments in a secure and private environment.


To assist in meeting key FINRA compliance regulations and thereby allowing financial advisors to leverage social media, linkedFA automatically records and stores all communications and content for at least six years, supporting the financial professional’s unique requirements in meeting regulatory bodies’ legal mandates. The financial industry professional can request a custom communications export under the Compliance feature at any time.


linkedFA is unique in offering financial industry professionals approval authority over any comments made on any of their shared content prior to the system posting it, which gives these members full control over what their entire networks of colleagues and investors can read about them and thereby allows them to manage their professional reputation.


linkedFA allows financial advisors to directly connect and communicate with all of their investors in a secure, private and customized social media website that is free of the reputation and security hazards typical of the mainstream consumer social media sites. This offers the financial advisor an ideal environment to keep his or her investors informed of financial market trends, important information pertaining to specific portfolios, company information, press releases, and even the financial advisor’s current availability.

Best of Breed Social Media Tools

linkedFA’s social media tools allow financial advisors to create unique profiles and upload videos, pictures, daily blogs and research reports for existing investors, future investors, recruiters, employing firms, and colleagues to view, share and discuss. This enables the financial advisor to manage his professional relationships more efficiently and effectively.

The financial advisor accomplishes this by posting information on his personal linkedFA home page for his entire network to view, use and comment on.  Information to be shared with only specific members in the financial advisor’s network can be posted in a separate, secure location within linkedFA.  Additionally, linkedFA offers a confidential and secure environment to connect and share personal information with recruiters and potential new employers. Through linkedFA, financial advisors have the ability to connect and communicate with all of his or her investors and other industry professionals simultaneously in a robust, professional and personalized social networking setting.