More Facts About Rlc Ventures

More Facts About Rlc Ventures

We are happy to announce the first ICO of our new company – RLC VENTURES. Since last September, we have been brainstorming ideas, defining market gaps, and writing white papers. We think it’s about time for an update on our progress so far.

RLC VENTURES proposes a suite of products that uniquely enable companies to manage their reputation effectively, both blockchain-backed and cost-efficient. A product suite that does not require them to abandon the current tools but rather complements them with additional functionality to mitigate reputational risk. Furthermore, we do not seek to be the next God in the industry by telling everyone how and what they should do or say. At EIS Investment, we believe that companies must continue to take accountability for their actions and be free to choose the best options available.

RLC VENTURES will design products that are user-friendly, easy to integrate, and geared towards practicality. We will work with various applications to ensure that our products are well combined. It’s all about working with what you already have! With this in mind, RLC VENTURES has conceived a suite of software tools specifically designed for large corporations to manage their reputational risk.

The first tool is called ‘ The Reputational Shield.’ This product enables individuals at partner organizations (companies) to anonymously report incidents of bullying, harassment, and any other unethical behavior within their organization. The Reputational Shield will also allow individuals to report mismanagement of client funds by managers if they choose to do so. Furthermore, this product is designed with the understanding that every individual has different needs and expectations. Therefore, it is straightforward for users to use their preferred method of communication to communicate risk events or concerns that are taking place within their company – via email, weblink, or fax.

The Reputational Shield automatically anonymizes all reports submitted using our next-generation software tools and encrypts these submissions against prying eyes before securely transmitting them directly into the hands of relevant company employees/managers who are invited anonymously by the submitter to act on his case(s). The product also provides an easy-to-use dashboard that enables all employees of any organization to create and manage their incidents/concerns along with the necessary relevant information.

Our second product is called ‘The Company Reputation Dashboard.’ This product provides companies with access to a suite of tools that allows them to monitor, control and manage their reputation at all times via one integrated environment. The Company Reputation Dashboard will enable company employees, Human Resources managers, or Managers in general, to effectively track cases submitted via RLC VENTURES software tools, so they can accurately determine which patients need immediate attention and how best to respond accordingly. With this in mind, all information collected through our software products will be made available so companies know precisely what is happening within their organization.