The Advantages of Brand Activation And Experiential Marketing

The Advantages of Brand Activation And Experiential Marketing

To start, define these two essential phrases: brand activation and experiential marketing. What are they? How can it help you? At, you will learn about brand activation or marketing activation and how to apply it.

Define brand activation

Brand activation refers to an event, interaction, or campaign through which the brand builds lasting connections and generates awareness with the target audience. Most of these brand activations are interactive. It allows audiences to engage directly with the brands and products. So, if you are new to marketing, you should know this as a basic.

Brand activation refers to the process of making a brand known to people. It increases engagement and awareness through some kind of brand experience. Come to think of starting a business. It is a challenge for you to build a name in the business industry by creating your brand name and probably people are not yet aware of your brand.

The brand is effectively invisible or lifeless. It needs to be activated because you can use it for other purposes. However, it doesn’t just apply to new brands. Once a brand wants to rebrand, it can’t simply make a few changes with the hope people notice it.

It has to go through the process of switching the mind of the people over to a new brand and let them aware of it. In this way, they start to make an interest in your brand and try to make research about your business.

How to activate a brand?

With the number of increasing channels and key points to introduce a brand to the audience, you can apply these methods:

  • Experiential marketing. It is the best way to activate the brand in people’s minds by allowing them to experience it at first. Experiential marketing increasingly prevalent for years. The campaign is a powerful way to get a brand introduced to the people and make it stored in their minds. Come up with the idea to create a name of your product, even if the product has no added twist, like making a name of a product called Soda, which was just a soft drink.
  • Sampling campaigns. In this method, it is when people have the opportunity of trying the product. Give out some free samples that can be a great way to introduce the brand and let them spread the news. But, you must take it creative and timely to ensure the best results. A sampling campaign is very much effective, as it has been proven before.
  • In-store brand activation. It is another opportunity to activate a brand, in-store promotions, or events. This is an experiential element, in which customers can interact and touch your brand.

There is no need for you to read through this whether it is effective or not. A lot of companies have been using this for many years and still, this has been used.