What Is The Best Integrated Idea Management Software To Use?

What Is The Best Integrated Idea Management Software To Use?

Integrated idea management is a process of listening to ideas by utilizing software and pre-existing tools, ideal sideways 6, rather than a dedicated ideas app. All the collected ideas are stored in a single platform for the following tasks:

  • filtered
  • reviewed
  • managed

What is idea management software?

Idea management software structures the approach of collecting and generating ideas around business focus areas, which include:

  • product development
  • day-to-day processes
  • customer feedback
  • market trends
  • competitive insights

The goal of idea management software is to organize and manage those ideas for development and improvement. By using the software, you don’t merely need more tools, but you need these tools to do more.

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Integrated idea management software

The working world has changed and businesses are relying on some tools in facilitating and hosting collaboration efforts, both on the frontline and desk-based workforces. The change led to a new way for businesses to promote employee-led innovation called integrated idea management. What makes it called integrated idea management software is due to the collaboration of tools, such as:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Yammer
  • Workplace from Facebook
  • Slack

These big four have more than 160 million daily active users, continually growing in number, between them. To capture employee ideas through these tools from Facebook to remove the friction for employees, who share ideas. There is no need to sign in and learn how to utilize the application of a dedicated idea. Instead, employees share and collaborate on the tools they are aware of and like.

How does the software work?

Integrated idea management is designed with two fundamental principles:

  • Ensure the best ideas to quickly identified. There must be a smart way for teams in managing, filtering, and prioritizing the best ideas.
  • Make it simple to share ideas. It must be easy and quick for employees to collaborate and share ideas, anywhere they are.

Employees are authorized to present and discuss ideas on the tools used in their working day. The ideas are fed into the idea management platform that allows teams to manage at scale. Here is an infographic of how the tool is used:

  • Capture ideas
  • Manage ideas
  • Bring ideas to life

Is integrated idea management good?

If you are looking for a handful of ideas from a few people, the integrated approach can be unright for you. When you are engaged with a wide audience, you must need this integrated idea management. If you want to encourage collaboration around ideas, then the tool is a big help. The tool can assist you to engage hard-to-reach frontline employees.

The sideways 6 could be the key to opening the ideal potential for your business and seeing your company grow successfully. There are a lot of tools that can be used online, you only have to be resourceful on this.