What You Have to Know about Guerilla Marketing

What You Have to Know about Guerilla Marketing

In terms of corporate marketing, one type uses novel or unconventional means with the goal to boost sales or attract public interest in a brand or business. Such methods are often low cost if not no cost. It also involves a widespread use of many personal interactions or social media interactions. This type of marketing is known as guerilla marketing.


With this brand-new type of marketing, several rules have to be considered. These are the following:

Define one’s goals.

This type of marketing reeks of creativity and the element of surprise yet this still has to be planned completely. It is still important for you to know what and where to do it and also what you want out of it.

Identify your audience.

This marketing type is effective because it is highly provocative. It tends to bypass the conventional restraints of traditional corporate advertising. You may also want to consider the sense of humor of your audience. You certainly want to be memorable, but not because you are offensive.

Keep it brief.

This type of marketing campaign must appear out of the blue and then just disappear fast. This mysterious and ephemeral nature adds more to the effectiveness of the campaign.

Don’t forget to do your homework.

You must not get yourself entangled in any possible unforeseen issues. Remember that you are not the banker so ask all the responsible authorities for all the permissions you need. Find out and obey the law related to marketing, particularly guerilla marketing.  It might surprise you that there are countries that have unbelievable laws that can restrict you and your work. You may also need to check the animal and environment-friendliness of the marketing campaign.



Several benefits can be enjoyed from this type of marketing:

Increases brand awareness- This is all about creating a buzz around a particular company or brand. Provocative and unconventional campaigns are the right fuel for creating brand awareness.

How to stand out from competitors-Having bold and provocative marketing actions is equivalent to having a unique selling proposition when it comes to setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Being emotionally connected to a brand- This type of marketing campaign is popularly known for provoking strong emotions. A single campaign of this kind may foster a strong link between a specific brand and the customers. This type of connection is the end-all and be-all of lasting relationships with customers.

Being able to seal partnerships- Such marketing campaigns can be complex undertakings that may require a strong collaboration between businesses and organizations. This type of marketing may work as a foundation for creating corporate partnerships.

This type of marketing may work as a game changer in your business and industry. It has made a lot of brands famous all over the globe without spending a lot on promotion.